Why work with us

We believe that everyone should have a thoughtfully-designed sustainable home.
If green homes are only for a few elite, we are never going to get there. Everyone should have a home that is healthy, efficient, and beautiful. We are not giving up until that happens.

We have experience. And a lot of it.
Some of our experience has been wonderfully successful, but some of it has been painfully challenging. All of it, however, will be helpful for your project. Having been practicing architecture for over 18 years, and having been the leaders in green prefab for the last 6 years, we have learned a lot of things. We now know a lot about what works and what doesn’t, what to strive for, what to focus on, and what to look out for. We bring all of this experience and knowledge to your project.

We have designed and built over 54 green modular homes.
That is more than anyone else in the US. This is especially important in the area of prefab green, where many firms may have cool looking renderings and websites and make bold claims about cost and timing, but if they haven’t successfully built at least 10 homes for clients, then it means they will be learning on your dime. And it means they don’t have enough experience to know if they can deliver on their claims. Don’t get us wrong – we are thrilled that more and more firms are innovating and coming up with new ways of designing and building to make green homes more accessible. The problem is that it isn’t always super clear what their actual capability and experiences are. If you are not up for being a guinea pig, then make sure you find this out before choosing who to work with.

We are a lean, mean team.
Our team has been working together for 6 years (5 of which was at Michelle Kaufmann Designs). We’ve got it down. Scott Landry, who leads many of the Michelle Kaufmann Studio projects was the first employee of MKD. Michelle and Scott were the founding pioneers of MKD and Scott was the Project Manager of over 80% of the homes built and the Director of Architecture at MKD. He is now the president of Studio 101 Designs, the team managing and implementing much of the work of Michelle Kaufmann Studio.

we love our clients.
Ok, that sounds a little corny. But, honestly, it is true. We have been very lucky to work with some of the most amazing people on the planet: clients who are caring, smart, and pioneers. They have been true collaborators and have become like family. Designing and building a home is not for the faint of heart. While we are working hard to come up with ways to make the process easier and more accessible, there are still challenges. But there is also a lot of fun and joy. The upside is we care and we will work hard to do everything we can to make your project successful and always act on your behalf. The downside for you is we might invite ourselves over for the holidays.

We are a small group of thoughtful, hard-working architects and designers who want to do everything we can to help you and your project. Our goal is to make the world a better place by designing with beauty, smart designs, systems and materials for buildings that are healthy, efficient and sustainable. If you share this goal and are interested in working with us, send us a note and lets discuss the possibilities.

Please Note: We are currently not taking on new projects. Please check back again if your project schedule allows