What we do

Please Note: We are currently not taking on new projects. Please check back again if your project schedule allows

Michelle Kaufmann Studio is a small boutique design company, offering a variety of services, depending on your needs:

architectural design

We offer architectural design services for single-family homes, multifamily communities, and eco-resorts. Any of these project types we can design based on either modular or site built construction, depending on what makes the most sense for your project.

We work with the most reputable modular factories in the industry. The Michelle Kaufmann Studio team has worked on over 53 completed modular home projects. We draw upon our experiences and lessons learned to help guide you through the process and work with the factory and site contractors.

prefabrication consultancy

If you are considering having your project built using prefabricated construction techniques, Michelle Kaufmann Studio can offer you consultant services to help you evaluate various prefabrication methods, factories, and guide you and your team through the process. We have learned a lot during the past 8 years on what to do, what not to do, what to look out for, and help you avoid challenges.

Sustainability consultancy

Michelle Kaufmann Studio offers Sustainability consultant services for architectural projects that can include peer review and recommendations, review of and guidance through various green rating programs, as well as recommendations on messaging and education to your clients/guests/customers on the green building aspects you are including.

Who We work with

The site contractor and factory partner are critical to the success of a project. We have contractors in certain areas that we have worked with previously that have done a wonderful job for the clients. We would be happy to share their information with you on your project with us.

While there are a number of modular factories in the US, they are not all equal in terms of quality or sustainable building practices. We have spent a lot of time vetting various factories and have found only a few that adhere to our required high level of construction quality, sustainable building practices and customer service (and have found out the hard way what can happen when you work with factories who do not adhere to these standards). We will only work with factories who meet such standards. Based on our requirements of high-quality and deep green practices, at this time we only work with Blazer Industries to build our modular homes.

note: Michelle Kaufmann DOES NOT work with Blu Homes.

construction techniques

We specialize in efficient construction techniques to create a home for you with the best blending of quality, efficiency, beauty and longevity. We have worked with SIPS, modular, panelized, site-built, and are also working with shipping containers. If it is prefab, chances are we have worked with it in some way. Based on our experiences, we believe in the many benefits of modular construction. Of the various types of prefabrication, we find modular to be the most efficient and the most predictable, while still providing the high level of quality you want in a home. Modular is the most prefabricated, as more components are constructed off-site than other types of prefabrication. Our experience has shown the the most successful prefab projects we have done have the majority of the work done off site, and the minimal amount of “button up” work and site work.

However, modular doesn’t make the most sense for every project or every site. Depending on the specific project goals, budget as well as site configuration, access, and climate, other types of construction might make more sense. We can design a project with you using whatever construction technique is best for you and your project.

Have a dream? Lets make it happen.